The young buzzard can't believe his luck
The young buzzard can't believe his luck

It’s an ill wind that blows no-one any good, you might say. The post-snow, post-rain floods did get as far as our garage this week, but we had taken steps to move or remove the things likely to be damaged by water. Two summers ago I watched horrified as the river broke its banks as I parked the car and the water started making its way across the drive. I was so astounded and distracted by the sight I backed the car into the mounting steps by the stables. There was no real damage done. Thankfully, no real damage has been done this time, either, and as the water is receding, we’ve all noticed the preponderance of birdlife gathering in the paddocks. The run-off from the water-meadows flooded these as well, and now that the water is turning into pools, rather than a lake, I’m guessing there’s lots of waterlife stranded within. Easy pickings for the herons, rooks and the young buzzard that is sitting on the post-and-rail fence. He can’t believe his luck and is spending so long out there even the teenagers have noticed and remarked on him.


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