Listen – no kissing!


You couldn’t make this up, honestly you couldn’t. I know deafness is a serious subject, but really – kissing-related deafness? While I was worrying about post-thaw flooding, other people were more concerned with hearing loss and kissing with caution.

Richard Moss RHAD FSHAA, MRSPH, of the Oxford Hearing Centre, and chairman of AIHHP (the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals) has been warning people that while kissing is usually a completely harmless and pleasurable experience it can cause permanent hearing damage.
His alert may be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, so to speak, and abstinence may make the heart grow fonder, (I think that’s how the saying goes), but as an i-Pod wearing adult who used to stand next to the speakers at gigs in my youth, I’m not giving up.
No matter how many times you repeat yourself, Mr Moss.    






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