Blog envy

I’ve got blog envy – everyone else’s blogs seem to have better fonts, nicer backgrounds and wittier words than mine. But what’s worse than coveting thy neighbour’s blog is looking up your not-so-kid-any-more brother’s blog and finding he’s created a collection of wit and wisdom. It’s like an extension of sibling rivalry only a little more grown up. True, he’s had a blog for something like four years – he used to write on his way into London by train in the days when a commuter could get a seat while travelling to King’s Cross and when children were in bed by 7pm.

Notably, his postings have dwindled – but they remain a mixture of comic observation, wistful musings and, at times, flights of fancy. There’s no denying the boy-turned-man can write. So what is he doing working in the City financial sector? Dunno – maybe he never wanted to follow his big sister into the world of the professional wordsmith. Luckily for me, because I’m not sure I could have borne the competition. His blog makes mine look dull and serious, which makes me want to write with a lighter touch. Dunno if I feel that light in reality. Work, the recession and interest rates that have penalised savers and put a squeeze on our investment income are making me wish I’d spent more of my money sailing around Greek islands rather than saving for a rainy day. Still, I know where to go now if I need to raise an extra smile…


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